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Professional Vs DIY Lawn Care

Lawn Service Costs

I think the whole world is in agreement that a well-kept yard always improves the appeal of a property, and can significantly improve your quality of life too. Imagine coming home from work on a summer’s afternoon, pouring yourself a nice cold drink, and sitting down outside in front of a lush green lawn. Nothing […]

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Don’t Commit These Errors with Your Landscaping Project

Common Landscaping Errors

As you drive around your neighborhood you’ll undoubtedly see numerous yards that make you go “wow” (some of which were probably created after people reviewed their land care equipment on Lawn Mower Guru) and you’ll probably start thinking about making adjustments to your own yard. Creating the perfect landscape should be easy enough, right? Unfortunately […]

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Use the Right Outdoor Lighting to Create Your Perfect Yard

Landscaping Design Lighting Ideas

Outdoor lighting plays a key role in creating the perfect yard and for many people, it’s actually one of the aspects they enjoy and appreciate the most when their new-look outdoor area has been completed. However, even given its importance and ability to create exactly the kind of ambience you desire, many times lighting is […]

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Factors to Consider When Buying a New Lawn Mower

Lawn Mower Mowing Grass

Leaving your grass to grow out of control is one way to make your whole yard look very unappealing. During the spring and summer months, it can get into this state quicker than you think. To avoid this scenario, you basically have two options; contact a professional lawn care service or purchase a lawn mower. […]

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