Toro Z4200 Review

The Toro Z4200 is an extremely highly rated zero turn mower from their Timecutter range. But why is it so highly rated and what kind of work is it suitable for?If you are looking for a zero turn model which can work well in tight corners of your yard or irregular shaped areas, as well as power through any open areas you have then the 42” inch cutting deck that this model carries really is ideal. We really cannot find many significant faults with this mower and there are tons of pros.

Toro Z4200 Review - Specifications

Engine19 HP Kohler Courage Twin Cam
Deck Size42 inches
Cutting ModesSide Discharge, Mulching (Optional)
Cutting Heights1.5 - 4.5 inches
Unfortunately this Model is No Longer Available, But Take a Look at the Other Great Lawn Mower Deals

Toro Z4200 Review – Key Features

  • Kohler Engine – The Kohler engine the Toro Z4200 is fitted with is extremely reliable. Although this mower is targeted at the homeowner, this engine is actually designed to withstand commercial style use and packs a lot of power – so it easily handles any lawn you homeowners throw at it. Another thing about this engine, is that it is a lot quieter than engines in most other lawn mowers of this size.
  • Cutting Deck – As already mentioned this model comes with the 42” cutting deck as opposed to the 50” one which other models in the Timecutter series are equipped with. This cutting deck is EXTREMLY good at trimming close to any features you may have in your yard, such as tree’s or flower beds for example. The result is an extremely high quality of cut even in these “hard-to-reach” areas.
  • Movement – The most notable asset here is speed. This mower is so fast and can reach speeds of 7mph, which is pretty impressive. This obviously gives you one massive benefit – it takes less time to mow your lawn. And the less time you have to spend mowing your yard, the more time you have for other things.It can tend to slide a bit when going downhill though. This is something you might want to take into account if you do have some hilly areas to tackle. The rear wheels do seem to be a bit on the narrow side and tend to spin going downhill.Toro do say that the tyres are this size to maximize the trimming ability of the Z4200 and that you shouldn’t really plan to use this mower on slopes any greater than 15 degrees. Please, please take this into account if you do have conditions in your yard like this. It’s not really a criticism of the model, but defiantly something to take into account.
  • Easy To Turn – Once you learn how to use the controls properly it’s very easy to turn. In fact you actually save a lot of time on the turns compared to a traditional style ride on mower.
  • Washout Port – The washout port is defiantly a nice feature here – makes life so much easier when it comes to clearing up.
  • Straightforward Maintenance – It’s extremely easy to change the oil and do a self service with this model, as access to the required areas is very easy. Too many mowers these days seem to conceal these area’s away making it really difficult for you to perform these extremely important tasks.
  • Clear Vision – You don’t have a motor in front of you blocking your vision, which is defiantly an advantage. You have perfectly clear vision and will easily be able to see any potential obstructions you might have missed earlier.
  • Fuel Efficient – In comparisons to similar models the Toro Z4200 is very fuel efficient – less trips to the gas station.
  • Comfy – Overall it is really comfortable to ride and the ergonomic hand grips are designed really well. Although there isn’t actually an adjustable foot rest. So for smaller people this may be a problem as even with the seat pushed right forward you might not be able to touch your feet on the foot rest.
  • Extra Features – Some features which you would probably consider a necessity will cost you extra bucks, e.g. An Hour meter, mulch kit.

Toro Z4200 Review – Conclusion

Overall we would highly recommend this mower. It has a perfect balance of speed, power and agility. It works well in both open areas and areas with features such as trees.The only time we probably wouldn’t recommend it is if you have extreme angled slopes you have to combat. Other than that, near perfection!

Unfortunately this Model is No Longer Available, But Take a Look at the Other Great Lawn Mower Deals