Black & Decker MM275 Review

The MM275 could be your answer if you are looking for a new lawn mower but perhaps don’t have hundreds of dollars to throw at one. It’s a step up from Black & Decker’s LM175 model with a slightly more powerful motor and the ability to mulch being the defining characteristics that separate the two models.

Black & Decker MM275 Review - Specifications

ManufacturerBlack & Decker
Motor9 Amps
Deck Size18 inches
Cutting ModesMulch, Discharge or Side Bag (Optional)
Height Adjustment TypeSingle Lever
Cutting Heights1 - 3.5 inches
Weight38 lbs
Unfortunately this Model is No Longer Available, But Take a Look at the Other Great Lawn Mower Deals

Black & Decker MM275 Review – Key Features

  • Build Quality – It’s constructed from plastic and this does have certain advantages, e.g. it makes the whole thing so much lighter, but in terms of durability you need to remember that it’s plastic. It won’t be as resistant as steel or aluminum decks. So if you totally abuse your lawn mowers and are rough with them, then you should probably pass on this one.
  • Cutting Deck – You get an 18 inch cutting deck, which is a bit smaller than your average gas mower deck, but still plenty big enough for small yards. The blade is positioned a few inches off the front of the cutting deck, which makes it hard to cut close to any solid obstacle, like a wall or a fence.
  • 3-in-1 – It’s capable of mulching and bagging, but if you do want to bag you will have to buy the grass catcher as it’s actually an optional extra and not included in the price of the mower.
  • Easy to start – You won’t strain your body trying to get this mower going. Once you’ve plugged it in all you need to do is squeeze and hold the orange trigger lever.
  • Easy to use height adjustment system – This is a simple one lever system that changes the cutting height. Other systems require you to alter each wheel separately which is a bit annoying.
  • Cheap to run – You won’t have to worry about rising gas prices here. The comparative price of running this electric mower is ridiculously cheap. We are talking a few cents to get your whole yard cut. That is some real bargain basement stuff!
  • Easy to clean – All you will really have to do is give the underside of it a bit of a wipe. Also, as the MM275 is made from a polymer material you can actually use the hose on it and not have to worry about it rusting.
  • Easy to maintain – No spark plugs and oil to change and no carburetor to clean. Pretty much all you will need to do is keep the blade sharp and balanced. And even then, they are not things will you will need to do that often.
  • Easy to transport – Due to their weight they are easy to carry. So if you intend to store your mower in the basement it won’t be a problem to carry it in and out.
  • Environmentally friendly – True, this is applicable to all electric corded mowers but we need to write it down as it’s a valuable asset and easily overlooked. Our era is definitely more environmentally aware than previous ones and with this mower you are doing your bit in keeping the planet clean.
  • Power Cable – Often the places that sell this mower don’t actually make this very clear. You need to know this beforehand because if you do actually purchase this and then open the box and find that one of essential components isn’t actually included, then you are going to be pretty annoyed. Just bear this in mind when you are pricing things up. You will need to factor in the cost of a power cable.

Black & Decker MM275 Review – Performance

  • Cutting Ability – As we already mentioned, this mower is actually a mulching model. Although that’s not to say you can’t bag – if you buy the optional grass catcher then that’s a second option for you. Anyway this mower mulches well and cuts the clippings into an adequately fine size so you won’t have big clumps all over your yard. It doesn’t handle wet grass well though which will be an issue if you live in an area that receives a lot of rainfall. It really is best to use this mower on grass which is totally dry.
  • Maneuverability – It is extremely light, in fact one of the lightest mower options out there. This makes it easy it maneuver around your yard and makes it user friendly to both females and the elderly. The light weight also means you shouldn’t have much of a problem pushing it up hills.
Black & Decker MM275 Review – Pros
  • Really light
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Mulches & cuts well in dry conditions
  • Easy to maintain
  • No smells of gas fumes or risk of getting covered in oil
  • Easy to carry
  • Runs quietly
  • Starts up easily
  • Very cheap to power
  • Environmentally friendly
  • One touch height adjustment
Black & Decker MM275 Review – Cons
  • Power cable not included
  • Doesn’t cut close to fences or walls
  • Doesn’t cut well in wet conditions
Black & Decker MM275 Review – Conclusion

This is your bog standard electric mulching mower. It’s affordable and delivers a good quality of cut for the price you pay. Its environmentally friendly and very clean to use.It’s a very good option if you want to get away from gas but don’t want the expense of a cordless electric model. It’s got some nice features and is ideal for some low duty lawn care on a small family garden.

Unfortunately this Model is No Longer Available, But Take a Look at the Other Great Lawn Mower Deals