Hand powered lawn mowers can be a great option for maintaining your lawn if used in the right conditions. In recent years the Scotts 2000-20 has been one of the bestselling models. But why is that? Why have so many people bought this model?I tested this one out and during this review I am going to explain the positives that have made it so popular, the aspects of the mower that I thought could be improved and the type of garden it should be used in.

Scotts 2000-20 Review - Specifications

Cutting Width20 inches
Blade5 Bladed Cylinder
Cutting Heights1 - 3 inches
Weight35 lbs (15.88 kg)
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Scotts 2000-20 Review – Key Features

  • Assembly – Assembly of this mower is pretty straightforward. When I opened the box it was almost fully setup and I didn’t need to use any tools to finish the job. I just fastened up the six wing nut screws and I was ready to roll.
  • Size and Build – The cutting width of this one is actually a little bit bigger than most of the other hand reel mowers. Many of the other ones I’ve used have been 18 or 19 inches, but with this one you a 20 inch swath.I liked this because it allowed me to cut more grass on each pass, so I finished the job in a shorter amount of time. And anything that makes a job quicker is always welcomed – right?! I was a little less impressed with the quality of the build. The whole handle assembly felt a bit weak in comparison to some of the others that I’ve used.The foam padding on the handle also wasn’t the best quality and I could see this getting worn out fairly quickly. I think the thing that you have to remember is that this mower is low-cost to buy in the first place and there’s no running costs to take into account, so even if it lasts you two or three years it would be a good investment.The issue with the foam padding can be addressed using duct tape (a friend advised me that he had added duct tape to his and it significantly prolonged the life of the foam padding).
  • Cutting Heights – There’s nine different settings to choose from in total – ranging from 1 to 3 inches. On each wheel you’ll see a little lever that can be quickly adjusted to alter the height. Whilst not as quick as the system found on the Fiskars 6201, it isn’t far behind and it gets the thumbs up from me.
  • 5 Blade Cylinder – This mower cuts your lawn using a cylinder of 5 blades. Rather than tearing your grass (like rotary mowers), which is actually really unhealthy for your grass, this mower snips the grass blades using a scissor type action.
  • Large Wheels – The wheels are a vital component of any hand powered mower. This is because you have no self propel system – your are responsible for pushing this thing yourself.The Scotts 2000-20 has a dual wheel tracking system that makes use of two larger 10 inch wheels and two smaller 6 inch wheels. The smaller wheels just provide you with added stability when you are pushing the mower, making it push easier along your lawn.

Scotts 2000-20 Review – How Did It Perform?

  • Cutting Ability – If you are going to continually let your grass grow high and then expect this mower to power through it like an expensive gas mower would, you are in for a rough time. I tried the Scotts 2000-20 out on both long and short grass.On the short grass it was an absolute dream. The cylinder of blades just cut effortlessly through the grass leaving an outstanding finish that I was extremely happy with. It was a totally different story on longer grass though.I tried to tackle some grass at the side of my property that must’ve been 9 or 10 inches long. It was extremely hard going and it didn’t cut the majority of the grass blades – it just pushed them over. Big weeds are also a no-no.You’ll have to pull them out first. So I came to the conclusion that after getting your lawn in decent shape you need to keep it like that. You need to get out there regularly, one or two times a week, and put this mower through its paces. Do that and you’ll be fine.
  • Grass Collection – I didn’t actually use this mower with a grass collector – to be honest I’m not even sure you can get one. However this doesn’t really matter as the clippings the mower produced were fine enough to leave on my yard as mulch.I actually prefer mulching to bagging most of the time because not only does it save you some space in your waste bin but also provides your grass with a lot of important nutrients.
  • Manoeuvrability – This mower is as easy to push as you want it to be. If you are intent on using it on longer grass the blade cylinder will tend to get locked up and you’ll find it a pain to push.However use it as it should be used and it just glides effortlessly across your lawn. It only weighs about 35 lbs and for me it took very little effort to push it around. It’s fun and it provides you with a light workout.
  • Usability – Not only is it easy to use but it’s also really safe to use. I like the fact that when you pull the mower backwards the blades don’t turn. This makes it really safe if you have animals or children around and gives you peace of mind.Anyone can use this – it takes two seconds to learn how to use it. I like the fact that I can go to my shed, pull it out and just start mowing whenever I want. There’s no messing around with difficult starter mechanisms or refuelling it’s just a simple two-step process – get it out and bam, start mowing!It’s also nice that it’s so quiet. I’ve used a lot of gas mowers in the past and all of my neighbours seem to use gas mowers – after awhile all the noise just starts to do my head in. With this one you just get a peaceful clicking sound as you go along. Amen for that.
Scotts 2000-20 Review – Who Should Buy This Mower?

I would recommend this mower to anyone that has a small or medium sized garden and is quite happy to mow regularly. Keeping on top of your mowing is key to achieving optimum performance with this one. It’s also best to use it on fairly even ground.

Scotts 2000-20 Review – Who Shouldn’t Buy This Mower?

Whilst there is nothing really stopping you from using the Scotts 2000-20 on a large size lawn, I personally wouldn’t recommend it. Although it is easy to push, doing so over a large area could get really tiring and it would definitely take you a lot longer than it would with a gas powered mower or a ride on.Don’t bother buying this if you need something to tackle weeds or long grass on a regular basis, as it just won’t meet your requirements.The Scotts 2000-20 represents an affordable way to get away from all of the negative aspects of gas powered mowers and the restrictions of a corded electric mower. If used in the right conditions hand power mowers are honestly a great option.They are a pleasure to use and in my mind actually produce a superior cut as they use cylinder blades as opposed to rotary. If you are interested in learning more or think that this model would be an ideal fit for you, then click on the link below and pick one up today.

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