Lawn Boy 10641

The Lawn Boy 10641 costs just about 20 bucks more than the 10640 and you get a self propel system with it. This is one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest self propel model you will find. Most other brands start off at about $100 higher for a mower with this feature.You get a nice and reliable Briggs & Stratton 675 series engine that has ReadyStart technology to make this mower easier to start. You get a 20 inch cutting deck, which isn’t the biggest in the world, but it is big enough to cut a decent amount of grass per pass whilst still being small enough to get into the tighter, hard to reach places.Want to know what else we really liked about this mower? And the things we didn’t like as well? Well read on….

Lawn Boy 10641 Review - Specifications

ManufacturerLawn Boy
EngineBriggs & Stratton ReadyStart
Engine Power 6.75 ft-lb Gross Torque
Deck Size20 inches
Cutting Modes3-in-1: Mulch, Bag or Side Discharge
Cutting Heights1 - 4 inches
Weight70 lbs
Extra FeaturesVariable Speed Self Propel
Unfortunately this Model is No Longer Available, But Take a Look at the Other Great Lawn Mower Deals

Lawn Boy 10641 Review – Key Features

  • Self propel system – This obviously makes mowing a lot easier and a lot less tiring. Since the mower actually pulls itself along rather than you having to push it. This one has rear wheel drive self propel (which many people prefer over front wheel drive), which is amazing really as it comes at a price that is cheaper than a lot of other companies’ prices for front wheel drive mowers (front wheel drive is usually cheaper!). This a brilliant feature if you have any hills or slopes in your yard and will handle them with ease.
  • Easy to start – You get a high quality Briggs & Stratton that has ReadyStart technology. No primer bulb, no choke, just pull and she fires up.
  • Fatter wheels – This are a feature that you usually see on higher end mowers, so it’s good to see them on this budget model. They improve your control and definitely make turning a lot easier. They also ensure that your mower won’t sink into the turf when it’s damp.
  • Cutting heights – You have 7 different heights to choose from that range from 1 inch up to 4 inches. It’s not often you see a mower in this price range that can cut up to 4 inches, so that’s a nice bonus. Although you get a great range of cutting heights, it is actually slightly harder to adjust these settings than it should be.

Lawn Boy 10641 Review – Performance

  • Cutting Ability – Obviously the reason you’re looking for a mower is to cut the grass, so I’m sure you’ll agree it’s great news that this mower cuts the grass cleanly and evenly and the mulch feature works brilliantly. It will cut through almost anything, no doubts there.Whether you’ve got an overgrown lawn or a thicker variety of grass this mower will power through it with workman like efficiency. One thing Toro seem to have done well on this Lawn Boy range is reduced the noise levels, which is very refreshing to see in a gas mower. In years gone by they were a nuisance to your ears.
  • Manoeuvrability – This mower is actually pretty light compared to other self propelled models which is handy when you are putting the mower away and have to push it.

Lawn Boy 10641 Review – Pros

  • Easy to start
  • Self propel system take the hard work out of mowing
  • Wider wheels give you more control
  • Heaps of power
  • Cuts and mulches really well
  • Fairly quiet
  • Several different cutting heights
  • Easy to empty the grass bag

Lawn Boy 10641 Review – Cons

  • Cutting heights harder to adjust than they should be

Lawn Boy 10641 Review – Conclusion

The key feature you have got here is a self propel system and if that is really important for you then you won’t find one for a better price. It does all the basics well and puts in a true workman-like shift every time you take to the lawn. We aren’t really sure how the Lawn Boy 10641 could be improved for the price you are paying.

Unfortunately this Model is No Longer Available, But Take a Look at the Other Great Lawn Mower Deals