Kubota T2080 Review

There are three different models in Kubota’s T series and the T2080 is the middle of the range model. It’s a fairly sizable lawn tractor and has a cutting deck of 42 inches, which is fairly substantial.If you have a large area of land to maintain then the T2080 could be worth taking  a closer look at as it gives the versatility to not only cut your grass but to carry out other tasks too thanks to the wide range of accessories that can be used with it.

Kubota T2080 Review - Specifications

Motor20 HP GH710V
Deck Size42 inches
Cutting Heights1 - 4 inches
Weight280 Kg (617 lbs)
Unfortunately this Model is No Longer Available, But Take a Look at the Other Great Lawn Mower Deals

Kubota T2080 Review – Key Features

  • Hydrostatic Transmission – To control this lawn tractor you only need to use a single pedal and don’t need to mess around changing gears. Instead your hands are used only for steering, so the chances of crashing or running over a flower bed are dramatically reduced.
  • Flat Platform – As with the other models in this series, the operator platform is totally flat and has plenty of space to spread your legs out. This feature also makes it easier to get on and off the machine.
  • Infinity Deck – Kubota provide this special piece of technology. You know how sometimes lawn mowers struggle to deal with grass that has been squashed by the front wheels. Well the infinity deck has been designed to solve that problem – and it works darn well too. The T2080 give a superb quality of cut.
  • 3 in 1 Mower – That’s right you can side discharge, mulch or bag with the T2080.
  • Cutting Heights– The cutting heights range from 1 to 4 inches which is not bad and they are really easy to change too. To change the height you simply need to use the dial located underneath your seat.
  • Lift Lever – On the right hand side of the mower you’ll see a lever. What this lever does is lower and raise the mower’s cutting deck. It’s extremely easy to use.
  • Comfortable Seat – The T2080 improves on the T1880 in the fact you get a deluxe seat which is extremely comfortable. If you are maintaining a large area of land and it’s going to take a while you may as well do it comfortably, right?
  • Enlarged Rear Wheels – The wheels at the back of the mower are bigger and wider so that they provide you with as much traction and control as possible when you hit the turf.

Kubota T2080 Review – Pros

  • Strong build quality
  • Really comfy to ride
  • Great traction
  • Gives a great cut
  • Infinity deck works wonders
  • Easy to use

Kubota T2080 Review – Cons

  • No hour meter – this should be fitted as standard
  • Replacement parts are extremely pricey

T2080 Review – Conclusion

The Kubota T2080 provides you with a comfortable, versatile mowing experience. The hydro transmission and simplistic controls make it really easy to manoeuvre and the quality of build ensures that you will be using it for years to come.  Unfortunately this Model is No Longer Available, But Take a Look at the Other Great Lawn Mower Deals