If you’ve been through several different mowers and still haven’t found one that sits well with you, I feel your pain. There’s just so many different options out there. First there’s a bunch of different types and then within each type there are multiple brands offering multiple models.The Greenworks 25022 is an electric powered model and one that I heard many consumers had been raving about so I really wanted to check it out myself. I’m going to tell you what it’s good at, what it isn’t so good at and who I think should consider buying it.

Greenworks 25022 Review - Specifications

Model Name25022
Motor12 Amp
Cutting Width20 inches
Cutting Options3 in 1 - Mulching, Rear Bag Collection, Side Discharge
Cutting Heights1.5 - 3.75 inches
Self PropelNo
Weight59 lbs
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Greenworks 25022 Review – Key Features

  • Assembly – Assembly required is minimal. This is basically ready to go out of the box, all you need to do is fold out the handles and then tighten them up. Once you’ve attached the grass bag that comes with the mower you are fully set. You can be out on the lawn in less than 15 minutes after receiving the box.
  • Size and Build -The deck on this mower is 20 inches which is about right. It’s big enough to take care of a decent amount of grass on each pass, but small enough to fit into smaller areas and corners that you may have to deal with in your garden.The real talking point here is the quality of the build. A lot of the mower is in this price range (especially electric mowers) are put together using pretty average materials and are usually made of plastic. Well with this mower you actually get a medal deck – which is awesome!This makes the whole mower just feel like quality. In addition to the deck being decent the wheels and handle feel solid as well. I was very impressed when I unboxed this mower and I still am. The only thing I think that should be changed is the cord holder. I couldn’t fit one of my chords into it.
  • 3-in-1 – This is really impressive for a mower in this price bracket. To be able to mulch, side discharge and rear bag is great because sometimes I like to mulch and sometimes I like to bag (I rarely discharge my clippings). With this mower I’m allowed to choose. I’m not forced to stick with one or the other and I like that I am in control of this.
  • Height Adjustment – Want to change cutting height quickly? Not a problem with this mower. You’ve got a single lever that adjusts the height almost instantly. There’s no faffing about, no turning the mower over – just a single lever that does it all for you. With seven different heights ranging from 1.5 inches to 3.75 inches you have a decent selection to choose from.
  • Large Wheels – The 10 inch wheels on the back of this mower really make a difference. It gives you more control and makes the unit easier to push along the ground. I also found that the wheel layout on this mower helped me to get closer to things like fences and walls.
  • Folding Handle – Not exactly a new or unique concept but nice to have nevertheless. The handles fall over really easily and this reduces the size of the mowers storage footprint significantly. So if you are a little tight for space in the shed or garage this feature will really help you out.

Greenworks 25022 Review – How Did It Perform?

  • Cutting Ability – The Greenworks 25022 cuts extremely well. Whilst it does bog down in areas of longer grass, it doesn’t quit. I used it in both wet and dry conditions and although it does fare better in dry conditions it performed admirably well when the grass was slightly damp. Just don’t expect it to rip through anything like a $500 gas mower would.I used it in the mulching mode as well as bagging mode and found that it mulches really well. It has more than enough power to mulch both grass clippings and leaves into a fine mulch that is extremely healthy for your lawn.
  • Grass Collection – But how did it fare when I chose to bag I hear you say. Well it was more than equal to the mowers mulching ability. In fact it was almost too good. It picked up basically every single grass clipping and the bag just seemed to fill and fill extremely quickly. It’s also really easy to take the grass bag off, empty the bag and then reattach it afterwards.
  • Manoeuvrability – I found this mower to be super manoeuvrable. I think this is largely due to the larger rear wheels that have been implemented into the design. The mower itself isn’t exactly heavy either but these wheels just seemed to make it roll that much smoother across the surface of the lawn.
  • Ease of Operation – It’s as user-friendly as it could possibly be. Starting is as easy as pushing a button and pulling up a bail. To stop all you need to do is release that bail. After that it’s just a case of walking behind the mower, making passes up and down your lawn and emptying the grass bag once it gets full.The handle has a padded grip and I found it super comfortable to hold whilst I was using the mower. I would also like to add that whilst it’s not silent, it’s a huge improvement on a gas mower in terms of noise produced.
Greenworks 25022 Review – Who Should Buy This Mower?

This mower is a great all-rounder and performs well. I’m half tempted to recommend it to absolutely any homeowner but the fact that it’s a corded mower does restrict it somewhat. I never really recommend corded lawnmowers to people that have large gardens to take care of, so if that’s you then I can’t recommend this one.However to those people who have small or medium sized gardens and are happy to deal with the electric cable – buy this one today! It’s the best corded electric mower I have used in awhile.

Greenworks 25022 Review – Who Shouldn’t Buy This Mower?

As just mentioned I wouldn’t buy this mower if you are looking to use it on a large lawn simply because dealing with an excessive amount of cable can be really annoying. I also wouldn’t recommend it if you have a thing about corded mowers. You know it’s got the cord so don’t buy it if that annoys you. You also need to consider how cumbersome the cord could be if you have a lot of trees or other features on your lawn.This mower represents extremely good value for money. Its construction is leagues above practically any other option in this mower’s class and just feels solid when you are using it. The fact that I struggled to find anything really negative to say about the mower says it all really. Should you choose to buy one of these for yourself I don’t think it’s a decision that you will end up regretting.

Guaranteed Best Price on Amazon