A few short years ago most electric lawn mowers were generally thought of as underpowered, poorly constructed liabilities on wheels rather than effective yard tools. And that would be a fair assessment of quite a few of the electric mower ranges that have come and gone over the last couple of decades. But recently they’ve just been getting better and better, and as you’ll see in this Greenworks 25012 review, this model is a great example of that progression.

Greenworks 25022 Review - Specifications

Model Name25012
Motor12 Amp
Cutting Width18 inches
Cutting Options2 in 1 - Mulching, Side Discharge
Cutting Heights1.75 - 3.75 inches
Self PropelNo
Weight46 lbs
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Greenworks 25012 Pros: What Consumers Like About this Mower

  • Cuts Like a Boss – Electric lawn mowers sometimes get a bad rap for being underpowered and underperforming when they’re tasked with cutting any area of grass that’s just a teeny bit overgrown. But we shouldn’t stereotype, as the Greenworks 25012 definitely doesn’t fall into that category. It eats grass for breakfast, and it doesn’t matter if it’s long, short, thick or fine. It’s all the same to this mower. The overwhelming majority of consumers are satisfied with the end result after using it.
  • Sturdy Build – For a mower in this price bracket it’s built pretty sturdily. If you ever owned one of Black & Decker’s old “Lawnhog” mowers, you’ll probably think this one is a tank. Mostly made out of metal (apart from the part on top that covers the motor, which is plastic), it’s a far cry from those all-plastic electric mowers from yesteryear and should last a decent amount of time as long as you don’t plan on making it run the gauntlet every time you wheel it out.
  • No-Nonsense Starting – Now I know we run a blog about yard tools and care, and it’s a subject that we enjoy, but we won’t at all be offended if you don’t quite feel the same way, not for a minute! For most people cutting the grass is just another chore, and the quicker they can get it done, the better. And that’s exactly why you’re going to love the quick, pain free way the Greenworks 25012 starts up every time. You literally push a button and pull back and hold a lever. There’s nothing to it.
  • Solid Motor at Its Core – Now obviously we’re not saying the motor on this thing is the biggest, baddest out there that will have your grass blades fearing for their lives, but most consumers report that it purrs along pretty smoothly and it handles regular yard maintenance without blinking. And given how vital the motor is to a lawn mower, that’s obviously a big plus.
  • No Noise = Peaceful Mowing – While it’s true that any electric mower is going to be quieter than the typical gas mower, some are better than others. And overall consumers report that this Greenworks mower makes very little noise at all. Not a deal maker or breaker in most people’s eyes, but it certainly helps, right?!
  • Easy Folding Handle – If your home is anything like mine, finding a place to keep new purchases of this size is often a challenge (more than it should be) and many times forces me to have a reorganize. And it’s for precisely this reason that you will appreciate the ease with which the handle folds up, reducing its storage footprint significantly. Lot of consumers pointed to this aspect of the 25012 being a huge advantage for them.
  • Height Adjustment a Snap – When buying a lawn mower, it’s important to look for one that allows you to tailor the cutting high to the conditions of the lawn you’re going to mow. Trying to take down an overgrown lawn too much, too quickly can lead to lawn diseases and complications. Like most modern mowers, the Greenworks 25012 offers you a variety of cutting heights (anything from ¾ inch to 3 ¾ inches), but the best part about it is just how easy it is to change the cutting height. While some mowers require you to dig out your toolbox, with this one all you have to do is adjust a single lever. Yes, one lever to rule them all! (apologies if you’re not a LOTR fan).

Greenworks 25012 Cons: What People Complain About

  • No Grass Catcher – It’s vital that you’re aware of this before you pull the trigger and buy the Greenworks 25012 mower. You’ll only have the option of either mulching or discharging the clippings back onto your lawn via the side chute. There’s no grass catcher that comes with the mower, and you can’t even buy one as an optional extra, as it’s simply not designed to work with one. This only really becomes a problem if you’re likely to be mowing long grass frequently, as there will be just too much to just leave, and you’ll need to rake some of it up and dispose of it.
  • Blade is Not the Sharpest – The other thing with this model that we came across was that quite a few consumers reported the blade being rather dull straight from the factory and that they had to give it a sharpen to get the cut that they expected. Obviously this is not an irreparable flaw that you’ll have to put up with, but it certainly is an inconvenience.
Ideal Match
  • You’re Accomplished in Cord Management
  • Small to Medium Lots
  • Want a Basic but Competent Mower
Leave it on the Shelf
  • Managing a Cable Irritates the Hell Out of You
  • Collecting the Grass Clippings is a Must
  • Want Lots of Options/Functionalities

Conclusion of Our Greenworks 25012 Review

You should keep in mind that you will need to buy an electric cable if you don’t already own one that’s suitable, as this mower doesn’t come with one as standard. But at the end of the day, if you’re in the market for a basic but effective lawn mower to keep on top of a small to medium sized yard, this more than meets the bill. There’s an expression that goes something like “simple is sometimes better” and this Greenworks mower epitomizes that. It’s not flashy and doesn’t offer you a ton of options, but does the main things well. And that’s the most important thing for most people.

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