The Flymo Speedi-mo is part of Flymo’s “wheeled” mower range. They offer many different models of hover mower but the wheeled ones like this just offer you something different. The wheels make it more efficient when using it on uneven ground or slopes.We reviewed this mower and it really does have a lot of things to offer you and is a good solution to maintaining a small garden. To learn about the pros, cons and suitability of this model just keep reading.

Flymo Speedi-Mo Review - Specifications

Motor900 Watt
Deck Size32 cm
Cutting ModesRear Bagging System
Blade TypeMetal
Height Adjustment TypeWheel Adjustment
Cutting Heights20 - 60 mm
Number of Cutting Heights3
Grass Box Capacity29 litres
Cable Included?Yes, 10 m
Weight7.6 kg
Dimensions125 cm(L) x 36.5 cm(W) x 99 cm(H)
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Flymo Speedi-Mo Review – Key Features

  • Metal Blade – This is a great feature, especially for a mower of this price. A lot of mowers in this price bracket use plastic blades which are nowhere near as effective. This metal blade really improves the quality of the cut and you don’t have to worry about replacing it every time you mow.
  • Grass Box – For a mower which is primarily intended for a small garden the grass box capacity is pretty decent. It’s not uncommon for a mower like this to have a grass box capacity of 20 litres. With the Flymo Speedi-mo you’ve got 29 litres. That’s about 33% extra clippings you can get into each load!
  • Easy Starts – This mower is so easy to start and also real easy to stop if you need to. Just release your hand from the trigger and the motor will shut off. Handy if there’s any debris on the lawn or your kids have left some hidden toys in the grass.
  • Easy To Use – We are obviously dealing with a mower at the lower end of the market here, so you don’t have all those extra add-ons. But this makes it easy to use as there’s really not a lot to learn with the Flymo Speedi-mo. In fact it’s pretty much just a 3 step process once you’ve assembled it – plug it in, start it up and push it up and down your lawn. That’s it! Could it be any easier?!
  • Great Price point – You really can’t complain at this mower for the price you pay. It’s a nice little lawn mowing package for a nice little price.

Flymo Speedi-Mo Review – Assembly

Grass box assembly is tricky. This is pretty much the only real “fault” we could find with this model. And even this isn’t such a big deal as you only have to do it once. Once it’s done, it’s done. So even if it takes you an hour (which it shouldn’t do) that’s it, you never have to do it again.The box comes in 2 halves and each half has a series of clips running around it which need to be lined up and then clipped together. It does take a firm hand and to be totally honest it is a lot easier to do with two pairs of hands.

Flymo Speedi-Mo Review – Performance

  • Cutting Ability – We were really impressed with the cut this mower produces. It handles long grass nicely (probably due to the metal cutting blade and the decent cutting range) and can also cut down to a nice neat finish. 20mm is the lowest setting, which isn’t bowling green length, but it is a nice tidy length. We were quite surprised that it also dealt with damp grass very effectively. Definitely a thumbs up for the Flymo Speedi-mo here in terms of the cutting standard!There was also very little handlebar vibration – This isn’t pivotal to the performance of the mower but it just makes the whole experience a lot more enjoyable and your hands don’t feel like they’ve been involved in some kind of combat after you’ve finished.
  • Grass Collection – It does a good job at putting the clippings in the rear box once they’ve been cut so your garden is left nice and tidy after you’ve done. There are the odd few clippings which do escape, but it’s not a vast amount. Overall it is very good on the grass collection front.
  • Manoeuvrability – The mower is only 7.6kg’s which is about as light as a mower of this kind comes, so it’s easy to push when in use and that goes for a person of pretty much any age. Whether you are young or old, male or female, you shouldn’t find pushing this mower too taxing, even if you are going over uneven ground or slopes.
Flymo Speedi-Mo Pros
  • Cuts well
  • Deposits clippings well
  • Good grass box capacity
  • Very lightweight and manoeuvrable
  • Easy to use
  • Metal cutting blade
  • Safe to use
  • Affordable
Flymo Speedi-Mo Cons
  • Grass box tricky to assemble


Flymo Speedi-Mo Review – Conclusion

The Flymo Speedi-mo is one of the dozens of option you have as a small garden owner. This one in particular has a lot going for it though – it’s light, easy to use, has a metal blade which produces a very tidy finish, cheap to run and its cheap to purchase in the first place.

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