This is part of Flymo’s wheeled mower range and is perfect for small, family gardens. The features it possesses are nothing out of the ordinary, but it does a great job nevertheless. It has a rear bag incorporated into its design and is powered by a powerful 1200 watt motor. Flymo have provided you with a metal blade as opposed to the flimsy plastic ones they sometimes use, which is great to see.

Flymo Chevron 32V Review - Specifications

ModelChevron 32V
Motor1200 Watt
Deck Size32 cm
Cutting ModesRear Bagging System
Blade TypeMetal
Cutting Heights20 - 60 mm
Number of Cutting Heights3
Grass Box Capacity29 litres
Cable Included?Yes, 12 m
Weight8.6 kg
Extra FeaturesRear Roller, Vision Window
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Flymo Chevron 32V Review – Key Features

  • Design – The mower is pretty small and compact, so is best utilised on fairly small gardens. The fact that its design is compact does give it the advantage of fitting into pretty small areas if needed to.It is also an advantage when it comes to putting it away as once you fold the handle down you have a mower that takes up very little space. For the price you pay the build quality is fairly decent and feels pretty robust when handled.
  • 1200 Watt Motor – Not the most powerful that Flymo offer but still packs a fairly decent punch. Provides adequate power for cutting.
  • Metal Blade – We mentioned this above but will repeat it here because we are so pleased Flymo have made use of a metal blade. This allows the mower to cut more efficiently and thus produces a higher standard of finish.
  • Cutting Heights – You have only got three different cutting heights to choose from (20mm, 40mm & 60mm) which is just the bare minimum. However as long as you take proper care of your garden and maintain it regularly this will be more than sufficient.
  • Vision Window – This type of mower tends to struggle if used with a full grass box, so the vision window comes in extremely handy. You can keep an eye on how many clippings you have in there and empty it before performance drops.
  • Inset Wheels – You will notice when glancing at the Chevron 32V that the front wheels have been inset. This is advantageous when you are mowing around edges as you don’t fall into the borders. The wheels also glide really nicely over the lawn and cope with uneven surfaces well.
  • Lightweight – The whole mower only weights 8.6 kg’s which is manageable for anyone. So whether you are a pensioner or a young gun you will be able to handle this model. You might notice that when the bag starts to get full the mower will tip up slightly – so watch out for that.
  • Easy to use – Its simplicity means it’s really easy to use. There’s nothing to it, you just plug it in, use the starter mechanism and then push where you want to go.
  • 12m Cable – You are unfortunately tied to a cable with this model, but at 12 metres it is long enough for any small family garden.
  • Grass box – Apart from being a tad tricky to assemble, the grass box is a positive feature of this model. It is sturdy and holds a decent amount at 29 litres.
  • Rear Roller – The Chevron 32 also features a rear roller which is maybe a little unexpected for a mower in this price bracket. Whilst a nice touch, with the mower weighing less than 9 kg’s, the roller is not actually that effective at producing long lasting stripes.

Flymo Chevron 32V Review – Performance

Cutting Ability – The Chevron 32V delivers a much higher standard of performance than we initially expected. It dealt with uneven ground admirably well and provided a nice clean cut that looked absolutely beautiful.
Flymo Chevron 32V Review – Pros
  • Great quality of cut
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Inset front wheels make borders easier
  • Carry handle
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Large capacity grass box
  • Compact but sturdy design
  • Stores well
  • Good size lead
Flymo Chevron 32V Review – Cons
  • Primitive form of height adjustment compared to other models out there
  • Grass basket a little fiddly to put together
Flymo Chevron 32V Review – Conclusion

The Flymo Chevron 32 is a fairly simple mower and at first glance is nothing special to look at. However once put to the test it is mightily impressive.It is a lot sturdier than it looks and delivers a standard of performance that is more than good enough to keep control of a small garden.It has a lot more going for it than against it and is well worth a look should you have a small to medium size garden. Guaranteed Best Price on Amazon