Toro Lawn Mowers Reviews

Toro lawn mowers are one of the top brands in the world. They produce lawn mowers for both homeowners and for commercial use and have become world renowned for their expertise in outdoor landscaping.Originally the Toro Company established themselves in the commercial mower industry but later expanded to the homeowner market once they realized the potential.

They brought all of their expertise and experience from producing commercial mowers into the development of the products for homeowners and as a result, Toro lawn mowers are packed with top quality features and probably have the most professionally produced range of lawn mowers aimed at home owners on today’s market.

They use innovative technologies such as “Personal Pace” and “Ready to Start” to make mowing as easy as possible for you. Not only do they look great but they also perform great, which is an excellent combination. They have a range of walk behind mowers, ride-on models and zero turn mowers so you should definitely be able to find something which caters for your needs. Take a look at our reviews for more information.

Toro 51480 String Trimmer Review

Toro 51480

Toro’s Most Popular Corded Electric String Trimmer Corded electric string trimmers are an affordable alternative to gas and battery powered models, and since its release, the Toro 51480 has been consistently voted in the top ten string trimmers by consumers across the country. Toro actually serve more commercial clients than residential clients and are accustomed […]

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Toro Z4200 Review

Toro Z4200

The Toro Z4200 is an extremely highly rated zero turn mower from their Timecutter range. But why is it so highly rated and what kind of work is it suitable for?If you are looking for a zero turn model which can work well in tight corners of your yard or irregular shaped areas, as well […]

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Toro 20360 Review

Toro 20360

Have you been wondering if Toro supply electric lawn mowers? Meet the Toro 20360, the e-cycler. This is Toro’s green option. If you’re searching for an eco-friendly mower but still want to stick with Toro then this is your solution.Perhaps you’re a bit worried this electric mower won’t live up to the high standards they […]

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Toro 20330 Review

Toro 20330

The Toro 20330 is one of the lower end models in their Recycler range. You can pick this model up for a very good price which is a nice surprise when you consider the features it brings to the lawn. Ok, so these features aren’t anything special but they do make sure mowing your lawn […]

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