Self Propelled Lawn Mowers Reviews

Self propelled mowers feature a system that enables the mower to propel itself forwards without you having to push it. You just have to walk behind and guide it instead. These systems are typically found on gas type mowers that are fairly heavy.
Benefits Of Self Propelled Mowers
Less Effort – It’s fairly obvious that if you are not having to push the mower, it’s going to be a lot easier and less tiring.

Slopes Made Easy – If you’ve got slopes or uneven terrain to mow, you’ll know it’s a pain when you’ve got to push the mower up them – it requires three times the normal effort and leaves you in a sweaty mess. Self propelled mowers take all the effort out of these situations as they pull themselves up hilly areas.

Time Saver – Even if you’ve not got slopes, a self propelled mower will still save you heaps of time on a nice even lawn. They usually come with different speed settings so you’re able to find the one which suits your walking pace. Some models even use systems which adapt to your walking pace.

Worx WG789 Review

Worx WG789

In recent years cordless electric lawn mowers have become more popular. I myself have used a few different models and the only negative aspect I have encountered is the weight of them. This is mainly because the batteries needed to power them are still quite big (although this will change in the future). As a […]

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Toro Z4200 Review

Toro Z4200

The Toro Z4200 is an extremely highly rated zero turn mower from their Timecutter range. But why is it so highly rated and what kind of work is it suitable for?If you are looking for a zero turn model which can work well in tight corners of your yard or irregular shaped areas, as well […]

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Toro 20330 Review

Toro 20330

The Toro 20330 is one of the lower end models in their Recycler range. You can pick this model up for a very good price which is a nice surprise when you consider the features it brings to the lawn. Ok, so these features aren’t anything special but they do make sure mowing your lawn […]

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Snapper 150z Review

Snapper 150z

If you have a fairly large lawn that is full of obstacles and features and are looking for an easier, more time efficient way of maintaining it you should consider getting a zero turn mower. The Snapper 150Z series offers two models that are extremely high quality.They bring many professional grade features to the table, […]

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Lawn Boy 10642 Review

Lawn Boy 10642

The Lawn Boy 10642 is definitely for you if you are sick of yanking on a manual pull cord. No need to rip your rotator cuff with this one. Just turn a key, exactly how you would start your car. That’s right with this model you get the electric start option which is great if […]

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Lawn Boy 10641 Review

Lawn Boy 10641

The Lawn Boy 10641 costs just about 20 bucks more than the 10640 and you get a self propel system with it. This is one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest self propel model you will find. Most other brands start off at about $100 higher for a mower with this feature.You get a […]

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