Robot Lawn Mowers Reviews

This is a pretty new concept in the lawn mower world – in fact the first commercial model was only launched in 2005. With most robot mowers you have to set a wire perimeter around your lawn and the mower will use onboard sensors to work out where it has to cut. It also uses these onboard sensors to navigate its way around any obstacles you may have. Depending on the model you buy, they sometimes have handy extras such as rain sensors and alarms built into the machine.
Benefits Of Robot Mowers
Time Savers – Any piece of technology that saves time or makes a task easier is always worth a look and robot mowers tick both of those boxes. You won’t have to spend a second cutting your grass – doesn’t get much better than that does it.

Quiet – A majority of models operate very quietly and can be sent out to work any time of the day without causing a fuss.

Environmentally Friendly – Robot mowers are powered by electric so they produce almost no harmful emissions.

Free Fertilizer – Most robot mowers are mulching mowers that re-cut clippings several times to produce ultra fine mulch that acts as a natural fertilizer, providing vital nutrients to your lawn.

No Power Connection – Robot mowers run off batteries and a lot of models come with re-chargeable docks and after mowing the mower will return back to its dock to re-charge itself. That’s smart.

Lawn Care For All – For homeowners that have a garden but aren’t physically able to cut the grass, a robot mower is a great option as you won’t have to lift a finger. Similarly, if you are extremely busy and don’t have much spare time, a robot mower will take care of business so you don’t have to.

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