Riding Lawn Mowers Reviews

You should only really be considering this option if you have a fairly substantial garden, but if you do then continue reading. On a riding mower you’ll get a large cutting deck positioned close to the front end of the machine, a seat allowing you to sit on the mower and a set of steering controls not too dissimilar to what you find on a car (steering wheel etc).

There are a range of cutting deck sizes available and they are designed specifically for cutting grass, unlike lawn tractors which can also be used for various other odd jobs.
Benefits of Riding Mowers
Time Saved – A riding mower will save you heaps of time if you have a large garden to maintain. They have much larger cutting decks than any walk behind mower, so cut a lot more grass on each pass.

Less Effort – Cutting a large garden with a walk behind mower can be pretty tiring but with riding mowers you substitute your legs for the mower’s wheels. A lot easier!

Fun Mowing – Cutting the grass doesn’t have to be a boring, tedious task that you dread each time it comes around. Not with a riding mower at least because it’s actually pretty fun driving one of these around.

Maneuverability – Because of the cutting deck’s position you get a greater range of motion in comparison to a lawn tractor. This is definitely an advantage if you have any obstacles in your garden that you need to navigate your way around.

Toro Z4200 Review

Toro Z4200

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Snapper 150z Review

Snapper 150z

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Kubota T2080 Review

Kubota T2080

There are three different models in Kubota’s T series and the T2080 is the middle of the range model. It’s a fairly sizable lawn tractor and has a cutting deck of 42 inches, which is fairly substantial.If you have a large area of land to maintain then the T2080 could be worth taking  a closer […]

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Kubota T1880 Review

Kubota T1880

If you own a reasonable sized piece of land and are looking for a lawn tractor to carry out maintenance, you might have come across the Kubota T1880. Kubota have three different models in their T series, with the T1880 being the least powerful of the three. Unfortunately this Model is No Longer Available, But […]

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