Mulching Mowers Reviews

When we talk about mulching mowers we are referring to a special type of mower that recycles your grass clippings and turns them into a natural fertiliser that you can use to keep your lawn healthy.

To do this these mowers implement a different deck design and a specially designed cutting blade. The deck is usually a lot deeper than on a normal mower which creates a vacuum that sucks the grass up and suspends the clippings in the air after they’ve been cut.

These clippings are then blown around the deck and put through the cutting cycle several more times to create ultra fine clippings, which can also be called mulch.
Benefits Of Mulching Mowers
Get Closer To Edges – As there are no features sticking out, like rear grass bags or side discharge chutes, you’ll be able to get a closer cut around the edges of your lawn.

Quieter Option – Mulching mowers are normally a fair bit quieter than bagging or discharge mowers, which is definitely going to keep the neighbours sweet.

Free Fertiliser – A mulching mower will create free , environmentally friendly fertiliser which you would otherwise have to purchase. The mulch can help in the breakdown of hard soils and can also supply your lawn with vital nutrients.

Reduces Mowing Time – There are no annoying trips to empty the grass bag or time spent raking up clippings afterwards – you just mow and pack it away.

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