Lawn Boy Lawn Mowers Reviews

Lawn Boy lawn mowers are well recognised in the lawn mower industry. They have been produced for over seventy years now and have become known for both their reliability and durability. It became common for a younger family member to inherit an old Lawn Boy from an older family member.

The Lawn Boy brand was acquired by one of its greatest competitors, Toro, in the late 80’s. Interestingly Toro have kept the Lawn Boy brand going and have focused on the walk behind market.

Lawn Boy actually launched a new series in 2011. All five of the new models are extremely solid and the whole functional deck is made from steel. They come with a high performance Kohler OHV engine that is real easy start and ultra reliable.

Each model (apart from the standard push model) has its own unique feature. Check out our reviews to find out more about Lawn Boy mowers and see if they could meet your lawn maintenance needs.

Lawn Boy 10642 Review

Lawn Boy 10642

The Lawn Boy 10642 is definitely for you if you are sick of yanking on a manual pull cord. No need to rip your rotator cuff with this one. Just turn a key, exactly how you would start your car. That’s right with this model you get the electric start option which is great if […]

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Lawn Boy 10641 Review

Lawn Boy 10641

The Lawn Boy 10641 costs just about 20 bucks more than the 10640 and you get a self propel system with it. This is one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest self propel model you will find. Most other brands start off at about $100 higher for a mower with this feature.You get a […]

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Lawn Boy 10640 Review

Lawn Boy 10640

The Lawn Boy 10640 is a very good, mid level gas powered mower. It does the basics VERY well. Yeah you don’t get all the bells and whistles like on the higher end gas models, but so what. Do you need them? This model is really solid for the money, in fact probably the best […]

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Lawn Boy 10605 Review

Lawn Boy 10605

Lawn Boy has an outstanding reputation when it comes to producing gas powered lawn mowers. Any time I get the opportunity to review one of their products I jump at the chance. Lawn Boy has a range of models and always seem to base each model around one specific feature.On this one it’s the blade […]

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