Kubota Lawn Mowers Reviews

The Kubota Corporation was founded way back in 1890 and actually started out producing cast-iron water pipes in Japan. Today they are involved in numerous different markets and started producing lawn mowers around 30 years ago.

The company has actually pioneered some of the biggest technical advances in the lawn mower industry during the last 30 years, including:

The first four wheel drive ride-on front rotary mower.

The first hydrostatic transmission system for ride-on diesel mowers and compact tractors.

The first powered steering systems fitted as standard to 19-45HP ride-on mowers.
Kubota don’t actually produce walk behind mowers, they only offer ride-on models so if you´ve only got a small or medium sized garden you might want to look at another brand. They currently offer two lawn tractor series which are aimed at the homeowner: the T series which includes three different models and the GR series which includes a couple of more heavy duty lawn tractors.

Their F series contains 3 different models all designed for commercial use and then the Z Series includes two different models of zero turn mower which can be used by both the homeowner and for commercial use.

Kubota T2080 Review

Kubota T2080

There are three different models in Kubota’s T series and the T2080 is the middle of the range model. It’s a fairly sizable lawn tractor and has a cutting deck of 42 inches, which is fairly substantial.If you have a large area of land to maintain then the T2080 could be worth taking  a closer […]

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Kubota T1880 Review

Kubota T1880

If you own a reasonable sized piece of land and are looking for a lawn tractor to carry out maintenance, you might have come across the Kubota T1880. Kubota have three different models in their T series, with the T1880 being the least powerful of the three. Unfortunately this Model is No Longer Available, But […]

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