If your garden is only small and you’ve been sold on the fact that the cutting technique of cylinder mowers is healthier for your lawn, then the Bosch AHM 38 G should be one of the first models that you consider buying. In this Bosch AHM 38 G review we’re going to cover everything you need to know about this mower to help you decide whether it’d be the right tool to help you maintain your lawn this year and beyond.

Bosch AHM 38 G - Specifications

ModelAHM 38 G
Cutting Width38 cm
Blade5 Bladed Cylinder
Cutting Heights15 - 43 mm
Rear RollerYes
Weight7.5 kg
Grass Catcher25 L Capacity
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Pros of the Bosch AHM 38 G: What Do People Like About this Mower?

So what is it that has made this manual mower one of the best sellers in 2018? Below we’re going to list the aspects of this mower that people rave about after using the Bosch:

  • Easy Assembly – No one likes a product that is tedious to put together and requires a detailed plan to figure out what goes where. But those are definitely problems that you won’t have with the Bosch AHM 38 G, as there’s really not much to it. You only really need to attach the handle and set the height, and you should be all done and ready to rock and roll within 10 short minutes (max). There’s a packet and instructions inside the box, although the instruction could be a little clearer in places.
  • Performs Well for Regular Lawn Maintenance – If you’re good at keeping on top of your lawn care duties, mowing regularly and not letting it get too long and out of control, then the Bosch AHM38G is a good option. Its blades cut effortlessly through grass that is kept to a reasonable length and it leaves a decent finish. Although many would argue that it doesn’t cut to the same standards as its predecessor, the Qualcast Panther 30 (Bosch acquired Qualcast a few years ago).
  • Quiet – If you’re the kind of person that views your garden as a sanctuary and a place you can rest from the stresses and strains of the outside world, you probably don’t want a noisy lawn mower polluting that space. Well with the Bosch AHM38G manual lawn mower that won’t be a problem, as the only thing you’ll hear is a gentle whirring of the blades as they slice through the grass on your lawn. This sound can actually be quite therapeutic.
  • Cable-Free Bliss – Just as you won’t have to put up with a dreadful racket, you won’t have to worry about tripping over cables or awkwardly manoeuvring them to avoid slicing through them, either. Just walk up and down your lawn without a care in the world, cutting as you go.
  • Lightweight and Easy to Handle – If you’ve ever wrestled with a lawn mower that’s too big and heavy for you, you’ll know this is no fun. But with the Bosch AHM 38G weighing in at just over 7kg, this is not going to be something you have to worry about. In fact, most consumers report that it glides pretty effortlessly along their lawn (works best on flatter lawns), and doesn’t leave you tired and wanting to collapse in a heap afterwards.
  • Easy As Pie – To be honest this goes for most cylinder manual mowers; there’s nothing to using them really, you push and the blades spin. No complicated functions to try and figure out, and there’s not 100 settings that you need to get used to. Just about the only thing you might possibly need to alter is the height of the blade. But even that’s not too hard.

Cons of the Bosch AHM 38 G: What People Complain About

You clearly get a lot of benefits when buying this mower, but our Bosch AHM38G hand lawn mower review wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t counter those advantages with a list of the most common things that people complain about.

  • Collection Basket Woes – The design of the collection basket on this manual mower leaves a little to be desired, and many consumers seem to leave it off after experiencing problems with it repeatedly falling off. The problem is in the way it connects to the main body of the mower, and any sort of sudden movement (hitting a bump or whatever) seems to cause it to disconnect. On top of that, quite a few people say that a large proportion of the clippings don’t actually end up in the basket. On the plus side you can just leave it off though, and maybe buy a rake.
  • Doesn’t Cut Right to Edges – You’ll struggle to get a good cut around the edges of your lawn, as to cut this area you’ll have to have one wheel over the edge, and this typically results in a short or lopsided cut as the blade isn’t usually level. There’s a simple workaround though; just get as close to the edge as you can with the Bosch AHM 38G cylinder mower, and use a set of edging shears to finish off the edges.
  • Give it a Miss for Long, Wet Grass – If you think this mower is going to power through an overgrown garden, then you’re going to be left disappointed. This is not a shortcoming of this model in particular; manual cylinder mowers generally don’t perform well in these types of conditions. The thicker, longer grass just tends to clog up the blade. For that reason it’s essential that you stay on top of your mowing if you decide to buy this mower or any other cylinder model. Otherwise, look at buying a rotary mower that packs more of a punch and is cable of blitzing through an overgrown lawn.
Ideal Match
  • Short and Dry Grass
  • Smaller, Flatter Gardens
  • Regular Mowing
  • Looking for an Affordable Lawn Care Solution
Leave It on the Shelf
  • Long, Wet Grass
  • Large Gardens
  • Bumpy or Steep Lawns
  • Efficient Grass Collection is Vital

Bosch AHM 38 G Review Conclusion

When it all comes down to it, the Bosch AHM 38G is an adequate lawn care solution providing you buy it to take care of the types of conditions it’s designed for. If you try to use it for a garden that’s too big, and grass that’s too thick, you’ll likely be on the internet a short while after using it writing a negative review to vent your frustrations. But if you buy it for the type of garden care we’ve outlined above (smaller gardens that are regularly maintained), you’ll probably feel like you’ve got an absolute bargain. Just remember to keep your blade sharp (they will dull after a while, particularly if you hit a lot of stones or other hard objects along the way) and you won’t look back.

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