Black & Decker MM675 Review

The MM675 is the next model up from the MM575. It’s another of Black & Decker’s corded models and just like the MM575 it’s powered by a 12 amp motor.The main difference, in fact the only real difference is that this one has a flip handle. Flip handles are a kind of love it or hate it feature really. Some people think they save time and some people think they waste time.Basically the idea behind the flip handle is once you get to the end of a pass you can simply flip the handle over to the other side, get behind the handle the other side and carry on mowing. So you never actually have to turn the whole mower around, the only part which does turn around is the handle.Then it’s got all the other standard features that the other corded B & D mowers have such as: different cutting heights & mulching/bagging capability.

Black & Decker MM675 Review - Specifications

ManufacturerBlack & Decker
Motor12 Amps
Deck Size18 inches
Cutting Modes3-in-1: Mulch, Discharge & Bag (Optional)
Height Adjustment TypeSingle Lever
Cutting Heights1 - 3.5 inches
Weight46 lbs
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Black & Decker MM675 Review – Key Features

  • Cutting Deck – It’s got an 18 inch cutting deck which, if you compare a few different corded electric models, is pretty standard. It’s not as big as your typical gas mower deck (usually 20-22 inches) but the chances are that if you are looking for a corded mower, then you’ve got a smaller yard and 18 inches will be plenty big enough.It’s plastic too, so there’s no chance of the deck rusting or paint peeling. Another good thing about the deck is the way the underside of it is designed. It’s a one piece molded deck so there are no little nooks and crannies for any grass to get into which makes it easy to clean and you won’t get a grass build up under there.
  • Flip handle – As we said earlier, you love this or you hate it and we will give the reasons why. This can make managing the cord easier as it’s always on the same side and since you’re not turning the mower it shouldn’t get in the way. The handle on this model is also a lot comfier than on the MM575. It’s padded and it adjusts to different heights too. Some people think it’s a redundant feature on this mower though and don’t actually use it because it’s easier to just turn the whole mower round. If you are also thinking like this then you should perhaps take a look at the MM575 model because it’s practically the same mower just without the flip handle.
  • Easy start – Starting up the MM675 is instantaneous. No waiting around, no effort, nada. You start when you want to, not when the mower wants to. It’s a reliable starter too.
  • Low energy consumption – It literally costs just a few cents worth of electricity to cut your whole yard. That’s pretty unbelievable really. Electric prices certainly aren’t as volatile as the gas prices either. You also don’t have to make special trips to go out and get your electricity. It’s right there, ready to use whenever you need it. And it doesn’t stink either!
  • Easy to adjust cutting height – There’s a one touch lever to operate all four wheels and you can choose settings from 1 inch to 3.5 inches. Simple.
  • Safe to use – As soon as you take your hand off the starter trigger, the blades stop. So there’s no danger of injury.
  • Low maintenance – Any time something is low maintenance, it’s always a plus. Pretty much all you need to do with this mower is keep the blade sharp. And that’s easy too because the blades are really easy to remove.
  • Easy to store and transport – This mower can be hung up in your shed when not in use and it takes up very little space. It’s also really easy to transport as well because of its light weight. So if you need to carry it to the car, you won’t break your back doing it.
  • Helps the environment – By purchasing and using this mower you are doing your bit for the environment because it produces zero harmful emissions.
  • Power Cable – You need one in order for it to function, but it won’t actually be included when you buy the lawn mower.

Black & Decker MM675 Review – Performance

  • Mulching Ability – This is the function where a mower cuts the clippings really finely and deposits them back onto your yard as a natural fertilizer that releases nutrients back onto your lawn. This mower does that very well.
  • Maneuverability – Weight can be a big issue with some mowers, but not with this one. Its only 46 lbs and it is really easy to push. Anyone could push it, whatever age.
  • Noise Levels – Operates quiet enough to have conversations whilst mowing, quiet enough to hear yourself think, quiet enough to listen to your mp3 player.
Black & Decker MM675 Review – Pros
  • Easy to start
  • Cheap to run
  • Deck not at risk of rusting
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Easy to carry
  • Stores well
  • Only basic maintenance required
  • Safe to use
  • Padded flip handle
  • Quiet
  • Mulches very well
  • Environmentally friendly
Black & Decker MM675 Review – Cons
  • Small grass capacity of optional side bag
  • No power cable supplied
Black & Decker MM675 Review – Conclusion

To be totally honest there’s not a lot of difference between this model and the next model down, which is the MM575. You really have to weigh up how much of an asset the flip handle is going to be to you. If you think it’s really important to have it then you need to opt for this model. If you can cope without it or don’t think it will really be of much use, then take a look at the MM575. Just remember you do have to buy the cord as it doesn’t actually come with the lawn mower. We recommend you buy a bright coloured one as it will be easier to see on your lawn so you’ll be less likely to run over it.On the whole this is a very solid performing, consistent electric corded lawn mower. If it’s used correctly then it will do a very good job and will be good value for money. They are easy to use, easy to maintain and affordable to buy in the first place.

Unfortunately this Model is No Longer Available, But Take a Look at the Other Great Lawn Mower Deals