Black & Decker LM115 Review

Black & Decker offer a whole host of different lawn mowers for different types of lawns. They offer both corded models and cordless models and the LM115 is one of the smallest and cheapest they do. Small electric powered mowers are an ideal way to maintain your lawn cheaply.That being said, they do have limitations and you have to be aware of these before you buy one. I reviewed the LM115 and I am going to tell you what was good and what was bad about this particular mower.

Black & Decker LM115 Review - Specifications

ManufacturerBlack & Decker
Motor6.5 Amps
Deck Size18 inches
Cutting ModesSide Bag or Side Discharge
Cutting Heights1 - 3 inches
Weight36.5 lbs
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Black & Decker LM115 Review – Key Features

  • Size and Build – Having used all the other low-end models that Black & Decker produce, I was impressed that this one has a steel deck. It’s not heavy-duty steel deck as the mower obviously needs to remain lightweight, but in my opinion it’s an improvement on the plastic you find on the LM175 (amongst others). It’s got a cutting deck of 18 inches, which is not that big but it’s not really small either – just right for a small garden!
  • 6.5 Amp Motor – This is one of the weaker motors you will find on a mower. That’s not to say it can’t do the job, just you have to use it in the right way. Let’s get one thing straight – this will not mow long grass.
  • Cutting Heights – This cuts from 1 to 3 inches which is plenty for regular maintenance on a small garden. You don’t get all the bells and whistles on this mower and you have to adjust each wheel individually. It might take longer but it does work.
  • Handle – Again the handle is basic and contains the starter mechanism on the right-hand side. It’s a simple push button, pull trigger mechanism that is both easy and safe to use. To be honest it wasn’t the most comfortable handle to hold onto but when using a low cost mower you don’t expect luxury.
  • 2 Cutting Modes – The mower’s primary cutting mode is side discharge. You can also bag if you purchase the optional side back. As long as you mow regularly I wouldn’t be too worried about buying the bag to be honest. My favourite mode is usually mulching so the fact that this doesn’t have that function was a little disappointing. But then again you have to remember it is an entry-level model.

Black & Decker LM115 Review – How Did It Perform?

  • Cutting Ability – Provided you use the mower for the purpose it was designed for, it performs great. However don’t even bother trying to use on long grass. It will bog down really easily as the motor just isn’t powerful enough and I was actually worried that I was going to damage the motor.
  • Maneuverability – I had no issues at all with moving around. As long as you get a system sorted out for handling the cord it’s a pleasure to use. Even with the steel deck it’s still really lightweight.
  • Usability – As with all entry-level mowers there’s really nothing to using it. Starting it is simple, stopping is simple and it’s really quiet. The only thing you really have to work out is how to handle the cord effectively.
Black & Decker LM115 Review – Who Should Buy This Mower?

If you have got a small garden that you want to keep tidy and don’t mind mowing regularly to keep the grass at a good length, then this an ideal mower. It’s low-cost, simple to use, doesn’t smell and costs very little to run.

Black & Decker LM115 Review – Who Shouldn’t Buy This Mower?

Anyone that has a larger garden should stay away. If you’ve got weeds to cut or your grass gets long frequently than I also wouldn’t bother as this mower isn’t really that powerful.With the LM115 you get exactly what you see. There’s no secrets or hidden features, it’s just an honest entry level model and performs well when used correctly.

Unfortunately this Model is No Longer Available, But Take a Look at the Other Great Lawn Mower Deals