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We started as a single guru passionate about lawn care and have grown over the years into a small team of lawn mower experts and professionals across 3 different countries. We do it for the homeowners, the maintenance crews, and the grounds keepers. We do it for the smell of fresh cut grass and the beauty of a finely manicured hillside. We do it because we love it.

How's it all work?

The vast majority of lawn mowers reviewed on this site we physically procurred and directly and indvidually tested by someone on our team. Some of the reviews we compile from no less than 4 other sources combined with our own operating knowledge of various brands. Some mowers we buy and some are gifted to us for review. If you have a mower you think we should review don't hesitate to contact us.

We Want You To Mow Better

And to know better too. Got a question for us?

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